Some Frequently Asked Questions.


How long does it take to drive to Shumway Lake from Kamloops?


Allow approximately 20 minutes for you to leave home if you live in valleyview, for example. Drive up the highway and through the community of Knutsford on Highway 5A to the club.


When and for how long does your season run?


Our season typically runs from the beginning of May to the middle of October. We offer 3 options for memberships. All of our options allow you to row throughout the entire season. Our Full Season membership is our "all-access pass" to participate all year long with absolutely no restrictions!

Maybe your busy schedule doesn't allow you to row on a regular basis? That's okay; our other two options ensure you're getting the most for your money, and on your own schedule. Choose between either a 15-Row Punch Card or a 10-Row Punch Card.


Do I need to have experience to join the club?


Not at all! All skill levels are welcome in our club.


Do I need any equipment in order to join the club?


The only things you will need to join the club are clean socks, a pair of shorts, a gym shirt and maybe a water bottle as we have no drinkable water at our lake. We also recommend no loose pants or long loose tops in the boat as these can get caught in the moving seat wheels. Be sure to wear sun screen and a hat on those sunny days to prevent sunburn and heat stroke. 

Always have a full change of clothes (underwear included) + a towel in your car just in case you get caught in a downpour or get wet while rowing. Nothing like dry clothes to change into and warm up on the way home. We speak from experience!




Do I need to be a good swimmer to take rowing lessons?

You need to be a competent swimmer in deep water and can swim 50 metres nonstop. A minimum age of 15 enables our participants to carry and use rowing equipment safely and without injury.

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Where Are We?

We are located only 25 minutes from the Kamloops City Centre. Find us down highway 5A enroute to Merritt.

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