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Let Us Introduce Ourselves.


The Kamloops Rowing Club is located on Shumway Lake which is 25 minutes out of town on Highway 5A, the old Merritt Highway. The boathouse, many of the rowing shells and blades (boats and oars) and the 2000 metre laned rowing course are legacies of the 1993 Canada Summer Games. More recently the club was the host facility for rowing during the 2011 Western Canada Summer Games.


The Club membership is currently comprised of recreational rowers who scull. We share the site with the Kamloops Canoe and Kayak Club and the Kamloops Waterski Club. We have two large, floating docks for launching and coach boat moorage. Also at the site is a clubhouse with washrooms, a kitchen and a large deck which can be used for club barbeques and other events. Rowing is an amazing sport that will introduce you to the joys of being on the water in a team environment. There is nothing more pleasing than to feel the rowing shell move effortlessly through the water. Rowing is also a very technical sport that always provides you something to work on. You can teach someone how to row in an hour or so, but it can take a lifetime to learn how to row well.


Rowing is a true team sport that requires everyone to work together on the water to achieve a common goal. It is an amazing sport that can be done for recreation or competition and, like few activities, you can row for a lifetime while keeping strong and fit!


Strategic Plan:

We are always looking to keep a long-term perspective for the club.  We have developed a strategic plan to assist in providing continued focus on the long-term goals of the club which provides direction in the way we operate.


Mission Statement:

The Kamloops Rowing Club (KRC) provides opportunities for individuals of all ages and varying skill levels to experience the sport of rowing in a safe and positive learning environment.



The KRC is a community sports club committed to sustainable sports activity in the Thompson-Okanagan region of British Columbia, Canada through the provision of quality public rowing programs that (a) introduce people to the Olympic sport of rowing and (b) support those who short-term or lifelong participation in the sport.  The KRC sport activities will occur in a supportive team environment while also allowing individuals to achieve personal goals. Through opportunities for safe social gatherings and ongoing learning activities on the water and land, the KRC values its role in the physical movement it can provide to support the health and aging of its members. Awareness and physical/mental support , needed for those wishing to partake in the competitive activities that rowing regattas offer,  will be supported to the best of the Club’s abilities as the Club priorizes membership growth and sustainability during this 3 year Strategic Plan period.

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