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So you're not the competitive type? You, along with many of our club members are in the same boat.


Our recreational program is perfect for those who wish to stay fit, social and have a great time on and off the water. Choose between punch cards or a full season membership to fit nicely with your schedule. We are dedicated to keeping you and everyone around you safe so that you can enjoy each row worry free. Come experiance the best mix of fitness and leisure Kamloops has to offer!


Your 2022 Prices:


Full Season....................... $670.00

15 Row Punch Card......... $293.00

10 Row Punch Card......... $235.00

Fees include: ·      $25 Rowing Canada Aviron Sport Insurance/ $15 Rowing British Columbia/ $ 25, $10, $10 respectively, KamloopA Sports Club Site Fee, $25 Refundable Volunteer Fee. These fees are paid annually. 

*Any Questions? Contact us ( or check out our FAQ.

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